Violet Wood Grant

The Violet Wood Advanced Studies Grant is a wonderful way to support your professional development. It is available to Old Girls in postgraduate study in any field including academic, music, sport or art. 

The $5,000 grant is intended to help with costs and enable you to further your education through postgraduate study. It can be used for general or specific costs such as paying for course fees, purchasing equipment and travel costs.

“I am really grateful for the financial support from this grant as within the health sector there is minimal funding for those who choose a management pathway. I would really encourage Old Girls who are contemplating or in the middle of post graduate study to apply as it has made a big difference to me.” Previous recipient, Paula Seymour

How you can apply

Download the Violet Wood application form

Please email your completed application form to [email protected] 

Or mail to:

St Cuthbert’s Old Girls Association
PO Box 26 020 Epsom
Auckland 1344

Applications are now open and close 28 February 2023.