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Georgina Nobbs

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New Zealand

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Marketing, Marketing

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My alumna wisdom

Many people strive to find the ‘dream job’. In my opinion, there is no such thing as the dream job. There is the perfect company to work for. The perfect work/life balance. The best team to be with. These are attributes that should be top of mind when you head out into the work force and don’t stress if the first job isn’t the dream. Your expectations of these key attributes will also change over time as you find a partner, have kids, move countries, etc. I know from experience this has changed drastically over the years and that’s OK with me.

Just think back to when you were starting out in Year 1 and what you thought you would want to do then. I had dreams of being a flight attendant and when I discovered growth was not going to be on my side (I’m 5’1) that dream was shattered. I also had many other ‘dream’ careers over my time of being at school and none of them are remotely what I’m doing now.

So, as you stress about what subjects you should take next year or what course you should choose at university, just think, what makes me happy? And what company, team, etc. do I want to be part of? That should help guide you find the nearly perfect (but not dream) job.