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Karen Leuschke

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New Zealand

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I am "retired" from full-time teaching, but am happy to return both to St Cuthbert's or to any other school that needs my skills. I am a Restorative Justice Facilitator for the Ministry of Justice specialising in family violence, for which I am a national assessor. I am involved with Kidsline as a mentor and have been helping on a volunteer basis at our local school's Montessori class. I am a wedding celebrant and a Justice of the Peace. I expect to continue my connection with St Cuthbert's into the future, in whatever role may be needed. Grandchildren also fill up an important part of my life on a daily basis.

How would I like to connect?

I'd love to connect socially, I'm keen to reconnect with school friends

My alumna wisdom

Never say anything about another person that you would not want them to hear you saying. Make connections in all areas of your life...I'm not talking about networking here, but making time in your life to make and keep relationships for everyone you come into connection with. Remember the power of two underappreciated words...being kind and being content.