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Tracey Melville-Smith

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New Zealand

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I always was a sleeves rolled-up type of person who’s pretty down to earth so I have always had a thing or two on the go at any one time.

So transitioning through STCC teenage years to Otago uni, 20s life and corporate and professional careers, and marriage, kids and volunteering etc. while all massively overwhelming and fraught with ups and downs and some very challenging tough times was on the whole rewarding, and it’s probably exactly how it was meant to go for me.

It absolutely has never been a dull moment. So under my belt now I have a couple of degrees, some amazing global corporate experience, amazing travel stories, even more amazing friends, have had the opportunity to help and support others with volunteering, have been with my husband for, it feels like, 100 years and have three crazy teenagers. Work wise, as well as my own business consulting portfolio, I’m now busy as an entrepreneur with an FMCG start up – The Remarkable Chocolate Co.

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Take every opportunity that comes your way and also go out of your way to look for opportunities. Never underestimate the benefits of being positive and engaged. It makes a massive difference