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Karen Willcox

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Currently I am the Director of the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences and a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. I just moved to Texas after more than 20 years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. I am also proud aunt to two of the next generation of St Cuthbert’s girls.

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My favourite St Cuthbert's memory

Being forced to take Latin in Form 3, finding out it was my favourite subject, and continuing to take it all the way through high school and then even first-year university as an engineering student. I especially enjoyed my one-on-one classes in 6th and 7th form with Mrs Shields and Mrs Hillier. I also greatly enjoyed our classes preparing for the scholarship Calculus exam with Mrs Macgregor-Reid, even if that is still the hardest exam I’ve ever taken!

My alumna wisdom

Take the classes you enjoy the most, and don’t worry too much about what you want to be when you grow up. You will find that your career takes you so many unexpected places, that you can’t possibly prepare for it all. So, do the things you enjoy!

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Happy to host any Old Girls or current students who find themselves in Austin.